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How to build credibility as a leader #2

It is been a while since I posted something here. I have started a topic related to building credibility. I have introduced 3 simple ideas how good leaders can build it. Today I am introducing another ones.

Do you know who you are? At this moment you probably started thinking about personal details like name, birth date, profession, etc. But… what are your life values and principles? If you want to be credible as a leader you have to clarify your own values, the principles that guide your decisions. You need to be aware of actions and the standards by which you choose to live your life. Show your team that you are a real person who believes and lives in line with those values. It will help you build trust between you and people around you. It is “ok” to have different ideals than your teammates. Do not force them to change their values and believes. Think how to live with them and use their different points of view as strengths.

Work on emotional intelligence, the capability to recognize your own emotions and those of others. Show people that you care about their emotions, about how they feel. I like to ask about the mood of the people on our “1 on 1” meetings. I ask questions like

“How do you feel about…?”

“Is there something that bothers you?”

“How you felt when…?”

“What should be done to make you feel better?”

I am finding it especially useful when giving negative feedback. But it helps in every situation.

Remember that knowing compassion for the problems of others enriches your personality.

Credible leaders try to find a common ground of agreement on which everyone can stand. They bring people together, unite them into a common cause. They believe in shared values. They know that it makes a difference and gives people a common language for collaboration.

Leaders need to build a strong sense of community with their people. Whenever I work with QA, management or other team, I am trying to inject the idea that we are a team. We work together, we solve problems together, and we are equal. Good idea, besides having 1 on 1 meetings, is to have regular synchronization meetings where you discuss next steps as a team.

In times of challenge and difficulty, credible leaders needs to be available as a shoulder to lean on, as a support, and as a friend. However sometimes those leaders need to be tough and make decisions. Try to find proper balance between those approaches.

This time there was five ideas that can help build credibility as a leader. With three from previous post we have eight. I am encouraging to try them out.

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