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How to build credibility as a leader #3 - the last one

Welcome to the last part of the advice regarding building credibility.

Recently I started a new managerial mentoring with a great mentee. I’ve realized again that you cannot expect someone to take an extra mile if you are not a role model and you don’t take an extra mile by yourself. Thank you, Adrian, for motivating me to write this post.

Another key ingredient for building credibility as a leader is competency. Credible leaders draw people on their skills, knowledge and experience. Never rest on your laurels and keep developing your competencies.

What works for me is knowing people as people. Not only know them as employees but also know their values, what is their motivation and how they build trust. Hilary Hall said, “I have learned that a good leader takes the time to break the ice and gets to know his or her team on a personal level”. Try to spend some time with people who work around you, not only in the office but make something fun together from time to time. Options are countless. What I like to do is to organize some barbeque, drink some beers together and talk. Playing video games together work also fine for me.

Many times I talk about feedback, how to give it, especially the negative one. It requires also a lot of skill and proper attitude to receive it. Credible leaders not only ask for feedback but they learn from it. You should not attack people willing to give you feedback. Listen and thank them instead. Sharing information on both sides, giving and receiving feedback, is one of the crucial elements for building transparency. Sharing information is important to develop capacity, and to build credibility. When you have a high level of transparency, and when information is easily available and accessible, people come to trust their leaders, their team members, and their organizations.

Having the skill and knowledge of how to share and receive feedback leads to building trust. When you show others that you trust them, you encourage them to trust you. To be trusted, you have to extend yourself to your constituents by being available, by volunteering information, by sharing your personal experiences, and by making connections with their experiences and aspirations.

Credible leaders should be proactive. Do not wait till someone tell you what to do. Analyze the situation around you. Think about what you can improve, what is in your area of competency. At this same time check who can help you and be developed and gain new competencies. Be a role model. Others may follow you and act proactively as well. “Credible leaders know that they have to invest in developing people’s skills and competencies. The development of people continues to contribute more to productivity increases than technology or capital.” – Jossey Bass.

Train to have a sense of humour if you are not natural in that or at least start with having a good mood even in difficult times and situations. Learn how to be able to laugh at yourself and your troubles. Having the ability to laugh even when a situation where you are is stressed and difficult help you thrive. This skill will help you in all areas of your life.

Thank you for staying with me till the end of my advice related to building credibility.


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